Construction Safety Tips

Construction safety Tips: PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), By: Olusanjo Eniola Gbenga

Get familiar with safety garget

Head Protectors. Safety Helmet

helmetSafety Helmet: A helmet is one of the most important Personal Protective Equipment, it’s a form of protective gear worn to protect the head from injuries. A helmet is made of strong plastic that prevents hard substance from penetrating into the skull.


Safety helmet is very important to be worn in any construction site due to the kinds of materials used on site like: Stones, Rods, Planks, Nuts and lots more. Anyone of these materials is very dangerous if plummet fortuitously on human head, it can affect our mental wellness. Human skull is very fragile and if it forcefully come in contact with any hard substance, the frontal bone or parietal bone or coronial suture can be affected and if such should happen one’s life is at risk.   skullIn my survey about safety in construction, I discovered that workmen find it difficult to protect themselves during construction. Mostly wearing of safety helmet was not palatable to some of our workmen, some of them while interviewed said:  “they don’t like using it because it generates heat.”

I want to enjoin engineers or site supervisor to ensure they educate them and enforce the use of protective gears and equipment on them.

Looking at the diagram above you can see how fragile human skull looks; it has to be handle with care because head contains the brain which is the pilot of sensory organs and if the pilot is not well, the passengers are in trouble. Do protect your sensory pilot before working on site.

Eye Protectors. Safety goggle

eye3Eye is the lamp of the body, and if there is no lamp in a dark room there is no vision and when there is no vision actions are limited.  Eye is the most sensitive part of the sensory organs and without the eyes there is no construction.

During my findings, I found out that in construction more than 10,600 eye injuries each eye2year force workers to miss work. Construction has a much higher rate of eye injuries than any other industry.


Nails, tiny pieces of metal, splinters, and cut wire ends fly in the air. Mixing of cement, sawing, grinding, and chipping produce dusts and grit. So does heavy machinery moving across a site. Chemicals and welding arc can burn your eyes. If you are not careful, you can hurt your eyes or go blind.

So therefore always wear goggles or safety glasses with side shields, for the benefit of those using contact lenses, wearing of unvented goggles is the best.

Dusty area is not friendly to the eye, wear your eye goggle on site because dust is peculiar to all construction site.


Safety footwear

shoeWearing of Safety shoes is very vital in offering the last line of defence against the crushing weight of heavy objects or the hazards of dangerous chemicals, including hot substance in construction site.

Hot metal and stone can affect our foot if an appropriate footwear is not worn during construction. Also, Sharp objects can cause injury to your foot. Therefore, wearing of foot wear prevent you from feet accidents on site. Wearing of footwear always on site is wise, site supervisor should react strongly to any act of unconsciousness to PPE and prior punishments should be accord to defaulters.



Lungs Protectors, Safety Nose Mask


Lungs Diagramlung2

I want to believe you now understand the difference between a heathy lungs and the sick lungs through the above diagrams. As we cannot rule out dust from construction site, the use of personal protective equipment can also not be ruled out in construction, because the accumulation of dust in the lungs can cause lungs disease. It can affect the bronchi, Trachea. Once a man lungs look like the left hand picture shown above the problem has come, and it can lead to death. It is better we are protected than to be hospitalized, there is a common saying “prevention is better that cure” Always use your nose mask on site.lung3







Protectors , Safety Vest
vestSafety vest is a construction wear required by law for safety in construction site, it is made of bright color, and it also contain a stripe of material which is designed to glow when sun hits it. This stripe is very ideal while working outside on the construction environments.

Safety vest is a means to identify employee on site to prevent the perpetration of some people that wonder onto construction zone with sinister purposes. Also make employee visible while working around dangerous equipment and even when working in a dark environment.

Safety vest keeps track of employee and also make the work site as safe as possible, people can get severely hurt or killed if something goes wrong on a construction site and wearing of this brightly coloured vests can mean the difference between life and death.


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